Year-End Race Roundup: AIDS+Cancer Run Walk

The 5K AIDS/Cancer Run/Walk took place on June 12, 2011. It is a charity event to benefit the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation. Let me put this in perspective by pointing out that Richard Brodsky is a guy who has been diagnosed with both AIDS and brain cancer.  How did he respond? By continuing to run marathons a starting his foundation. Follow the links above to read about this guy, it’s pretty amazing and inspiring. It is also a reminder of how incredibly lucky I am that myself and my loved ones are healthy.

Upon arriving at the race, it was obvious that a great deal of work went into planning and organizing the event. There were lots of contributions many vendors and even Terry Bisogno, “The Voice of Long Island Racing”, was announcing the race.

The race itself was my first one with my aforementioned Garmin Forerunner 610. This is fortunate, because rather than describing the course, I’ll let Garmin Connect illustrate it:

I did not have the auto-lap feature turned on and I accidentally marked the end of mile 2 early. This race was recorded with an earlier revision of the watch firmware before the accuracy of the GPS was greatly improved, so it measured everything a little short.

I set another personal record at 22:17 (7:11 pace) and took 3rd in my age group, so I took home a little trophy.

Would I run the race again? Yes. This is a good event for a good cause and it was fun too.

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